Content Strategy


Strong visual design is central to marketing. CoopMatters can work with you to develop the look that will work best for your message. Visual content needs to interest and captivate your prospective audience. This is accomplished with an understanding of the goals, processes, and functions of your business.

Website Design

We can work with your website CMS or platform to develop effective, targeted, and eye-catching design elements.

Social Media Design

Social media design must be eye-catching and succinct. CoopMatters’ design expertise for social media platforms brings an understanding of precise messaging and aesthetics to your social media posts.

Data Display

Data interpretation convinces audiences with quantitative facts. We’ll convert your data into a compelling visual representation.

Ebook & Publication Design

Ebooks and publications require theme design for longer form marketing materials. CoopMatters has years of experience designing in this format for a number of industries.

Motion Graphics

A large part of video production is graphic design. Text and graphics in a video need to inform and be attractive. Often these elements also need to be animated. This can also apply to social media posts and website elements. CoopMatters can integrate motion graphics into a variety of content types.

Video Thumbnail Design

A video isn’t very successful if it isn’t watched. A thumbnail displayed before the video is played must draw in the viewer.

3D Rendering

Envision Possibilities with Precision

1. You provide us with:

Existing Photo

Your website might already have pre-existing photos of your products. Maybe they need to be updated, maybe they’re low resolution, or both.

3D Model

You might have existing 3D models of your products such as CAD models.

A Drawing or Specs

You can provide documentation or a rough drawing of your product.

2. We provide you with a photo-realistic scene from a 3D model:

3D modelcoopmatters render


Video is effective like no other marketing asset. Everyone says that video is important. But how will you make it work for you? Production, editing, motion graphics, and posting can be a challenge. Let’s talk about it.

Written Content

Written content might need to explain something complex, but it needs to come across as simple. It needs be focused, too. We can discuss how to refine and define your message.

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